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I'd never heard of a treewell before until reading this article in the SFGate.

After reading it I thought I'd do some quick research. Yikes, it's amazing the odd things in the world that are potentially deadly - like treewells.

I even found a site on safety relating to treewells and deep snow.

This whole article kinda freaked me out when I thought back to the last winter hike I went on up in Tahoe. The conditions were not ripe for something like a treewell to form but I feel a lot better knowing about them now and how to avoid them.


Global warming and meat production

As many of you are aware, climate change (aka global warming) is a big deal out here in California. California is moving on many fronts to address the issue - mainly through a far reaching bill passed a bit ago called AB 32 - the Global Warming Solutions Act. link to lots of info. I work on quite a bit of these issues in my law practice and it is all quite interesting. Much of it is stuff I figure most folks will find rather boring so I don't post about it much in the blog here.

On that note, I found the following article in the NYT rather interesting from the perspective of global warming. Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler. I must say I'm not optimistic Americans will give up their love affair with red meat anytime soon. I'm also not optimistic that many folks will switch their purchases to red meat (or any meat for that matter) produced in a sustainable manner. The sorry fact is, at this point in time, meat produced in a more sustainable fashion is a bit on the pricey side - in my experience - about three times the price of X meat product produced in a feed lot fashion. I've seen some improvement in prices over the last few years out here in the Bay Area in those sorts of meat options but as you can well imagine, to get the average schmo to switch to meat that is nicer to our planet, prices are going to have to fall for those products are going to have to fall by an enormous amount.

This article also leads me back to a statement I make quite frequently when discussing global warming and climate change with my friends - the average American has no idea how much their lifestyle will have to change in the next 5 years to meet the targets set for reducing greenhouse gases just to get us in a place where 50 years from now we have a chance to prevent the WORST aspects of global warming from occurring. Having said this however, I am happy to see a sea change in the discussion of global warming - at least in the press and among policy-makers. Bright people are working hard to solve the matter in a way that still allows us to lead a 21st century lifestyle. Who will come up with the solution to meat production's greenhouse gas issues?

Sunday homieness

I decided today to get up early and see what I could get done before 1 pm:

1. Taken Vala for a walk
2. Grabbed the week's groceries
3. Cooked a beef stew for lunch
4. Cooked up some pasta sauce for dinner

A productive day is a good day and a walked puppy is much more enjoyable than a hyper one.


I love this bag.

Must purchase.


Iraq: The War Card

I've been waiting for some org to put together something like this!

Ringfree exits stealth mode

Mr. Beasty and a few others have been working their tails off on their latest company Ringfree but it's been in stealth mode so I couldn't post anything about how neat it is. Well they are finally launched so....

Below are some links to press articles explaining more about the company if you're so inclined to read.

VOIP Watch

iPhone Atlas

iPhone India


I don't make many international calls or really have a VOIP provider but I would have loved to have this option for using my cellphone on my trips to Germany and France. The best part about the app is it's not hard to use or configure. I essentially argued over and over that if I couldn't use it, then it needed to be designed better. I hate techy products that only geeks can use...the last beta I saw allowed me to register in about 40 seconds without all this odd ass crap you usually have to do - click links to register, type lots of stuff in (often more than once)...bleh. The folks at Ringfree, including Beasty, made registering and using the product simple and easy. Simple, speedy and easy to use...I love that.

Location, location, location...

I had a moment at work today and thought I'd randomly see what was listed for sale in Emeryville, CA (where I currently reside). Apparently, someone does not know that Oakland is not Emeryville. None-the-less, anyone see anything else wrong with this real estate listing? LINK

Happy New Year folks

Coolest nerd Christmas ever!


Wi-fi Detector Shirt - Jeffy and Christine got me the best nerd gift ever!

Merry Christmas!

I'm down in the Keys with Beast's family...well nominally. The Beast is down here, but we're the only ones. The rest of the family bailed. Either they had pregnancies, weddings, or general laziness get in the way of flying down. It's the first Christmas in 10 years where we're the only ones here. To boot, it's raining! It's been sunny and low 80s for the last two weeks and it rains on Christmas. What gives?

The Beast's cousin, James, made it down for a day with his new wife. It was cool to meet her. She's french so that is an interesting twist on the in-laws. We went to a nice dinner and then hit the Morada Bay Full Moon Party. The weather was delightful in the mid-70s.

Anyway, today it's the Beast, me and four dogs holding down the fort until his parents arrive tomorrow. Talk about a quiet Christmas...there's been nobody to get sick of except for the doggies. Of course, some quiet QT with the Beast has been nice.

I did manage to find a decent gym in town - Froggy's - so I can continue to do my workouts while I'm down here.

More to follow as I travel further and further down the path of boredom. Of course, I always have tomorrow to look forward to. Weather.com is saying it is supposed to be 81 and sunny. So expect me to be out in the sun reading medieval history til I can't stand it anymore.

Connie, Chica, Suki, and Vala say hello too.

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