Governor J (boaltie2004) wrote,
Governor J

Solar in the news

The NYT has had quite a few articles on the changes taking place in the solar industry these last few days. Most have been well written and informative hitting on all the major changes taking place.

SCE seeks to install 250 MW of solar This article just came across my desk this morning. I'm still digesting this huge change in position for a major utility.

Compare the size of the installation contemplated above with A household sized system and you can see the buzz this move is causing on the size issue alone.

Rise of the PPA The PPA is probably the best innovation in renewable energy in the last 5 years. It places the conversation with a business within the context they more easily understand - here is what you pay now for is what you will pay after...we take care of the rest. As the article notes, this as spurred adoption across a wide range of entities.

The Quest for "Green Collar" jobs and on a related note Uni's step up to offer Green Degrees
Tags: energy policy, green collar jobs, solar
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