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President Bush

Unfortunately, I missed the State of the Union address last night. Being on the West Coast has it's (dis)advantage in that respect given the time difference. However, I thought I'd take a moment today to see what was all said and what if anything of interest came out of it.

In short, this NYT article pretty much summed up my feelings without going way overboard. The Bush Presidency has been a hopeless failure. It's really sad to think about all the missed opportunities, incompetence, and just general nastiness.

In the end the article reminded me of a conversation with an in-law during the Christmas Holidays which generally centered on the failures of the current administration. This person, being a die hard Republican, was quick to point out the lies told by Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal. I pointed out that I felt truly betrayed by Clinton in those moments but in the end, nobody died because of his lies. Most importantly, I felt the matter in that scandal was truly one that did not strike at the core of what government is all about - whether or not someone had an affair. On the contrary, the lies told by the Bush Administration regarding Iraq and the need to invade really struck at the heart of what the government's core purpose is - to use force, if necessary, to protect this country. These lies also have resulted in 1000s American soldiers and 100,000s of Iraqi citizens dying. In response, I got silence and the conversation moved on to less contentious topics (thank god). In the end, I didn't feel like I had won any point but merely pointed out something that needed to be pointed out to make sure we were all on the same page about the matter we were discussing. Both betrayed a certain sense of honesty, but one lie was much more important than the other.

So coming back to the article at hand, the NYT did a great job of really summing up what I feel about this State of the Union. It's not so much about what was said...but what wasn't said because of who was doing the talking.

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